What does it do?

This programme allows you to find details of sources (title, publication date, author etc) simply through typing in an ISBN, DOI or PMID search or saving directly from your web browser. You can collate a source library for each assignment and then insert citations and/or a bibliography into your work with a few clicks.  It provides references in a number of formats including Harvard, APA, Vancouver and OSCOLA.

You can sync it across all your devices so you can keep all your resources organised and in one place.

What can I use it for?

You can very easily collect, organise and cite research in your essays with a couple of clicks. The best feature is the bibliography creator; once you have finished your essay, with a couple of clicks, you can insert all the references you’ve used in alphabetical order using the style of referencing you have selected, easy! No more searching through your work to make sure you have included all your references and manually typing them all out.

Cost? It’s free!

Where can I find it? It’s available to download directly from the Zotero website and is compatible with Windows and Mac.

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