What does it do?

Forest is a motivational time management app that stops you using your phone by blocking access to other apps and websites you put on your blacklist for a fixed amount of time. The app grows trees all the time you are not using your phone and you can save your progress so that eventually you have a full forest.

What can I use it for?

Forest helps you combat procrastination and distraction, and be present to your study and your learning. The timer feature allows you to break your study into discrete chunks. If you are easily distracted by notifications, news, social media and the like, this app is particularly motivating because it turns your bad online habits into a game where you can grow time management skills.

Cost? £1.99 (in-app purchases also available, allowing you to be environmentally-conscious and grow real trees!)

Where can I find it? It’s available to download from the App Store and Google Play. For further information on the app you can take a look at Also, this fan video below is very useful.